Childhood Trauma creates a response in our nervous systems that tells us to ‘stay small and don’t make noise,’ ‘run fast, get loud and act crazy.’ So, we breathe very shallowly and suck our bellies in and hunch our shoulders, trying to be invisible, or we act crazy, push others away and trust no one. 

As we work on changing these patterns it’s important to be aware that sometimes physical issues may be getting in the way of our attempts at recovery. In my experience, the “Way In” to these responses is through Somatics – meaning movement, breathing and focused awareness.

Childhood Trauma Coaching is a work of love and necessity for me. I am Survivor of Childhood Trauma and how I moved through it, how I overcame it, is the same journey I’m offering to you. 

Please check out my website and take with you everything that speaks to you here and on my YouTube Channel (Childhood Trauma Coaching). Take the Quiz, Download the Quick Fix Practices above and check out the Blog. If what you see inspires you, please drop me a note or set up a Virtual Chat. I’d love to talk with you.

I work with Childhood Trauma Survivors, which is a very specific group. This is not about war, or car accidents. It IS about growing up in situations where we didn’t feel safe, where we were frequently uncomfortable, afraid, angry, sad and also, numb. Numb is where we go when we can’t control or change what’s happening to us. 

I’m certified as a yoga therapist and family recovery coach, and, I’m also a Survivor of Childhood Trauma.

I’m passionate about my work because Yoga was the doorway for me to explore my own childhood trauma history – even before we knew to call it that. Helping people to reconnect to their bodies and their breath reminds me daily of the work I’ve done myself, and continue to do. 

Going to a Yoga class may help you feel better – but it could also it could also make you feel worse, depending on the level of awareness and training of the teacher. But just going to good yoga classes will NOT fix the problem. It does, however, help us to become stronger and more resilient on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

But using Yoga as a tool for real change is a very different thing. 

The word Yoga, means Union.  And for those of us who have a history of  Childhood Trauma, it’s more like a Re-Union – with our bodies, minds and spirits. 

For instance, trauma survivors frequently feel disconnected from their bodies, awkward or uncoordinated. We sometimes have difficulty following verbal instructions in Yoga classes as well as in other areas, like dance or sports. 

This disconnection from ourselves happens emotionally as well. We can’t identify how we’re feeling. When angry or upset we frequently feel “numb” inside, as though there are no feelings to have, even though we know we should be angry, or sad, or afraid. We don’t feel anything. 

The lack or confusion of mental and physical sensations is a hallmark of Childhood Trauma. This is where the real healing tools of Yoga, the deeper, more in-depth practices, come in. 

The first thing I do with my clients is ask them to pay attention to how they’re breathing. Many of us breathe in ways that make our anxiety worse, so re-learning what we think is an automatic action can be immensely beneficial for reducing anxiety and managing depression. 

We also work with movement practices that can help to refocus the mind and relax the body, paying special attention to the sensations (or lack of sensation) they notice as they move.

The mosts damaging part of Childhood Trauma is that it disconnects us from Ourselves. All of the practices and work my clients do centers on becoming MORE present in their bodies, in their minds, with their emotions and with their connection to something more. This isn’t about religion. It’s about giving you hope and a foundation for change. 

It’s ok if you don’t know what that looks like right now. I didn’t either when I started this journey. What matters is that your mind is open to the possibility that things can be different, can be better, and that with help,You can manifest these these changes in your life.

I have been blessed to work with Celeste for the past year.  Celeste’s knowledge of trauma recovery skills, her compassion, and her commitment to support and help has been life changing.  Working with her is so much more than yoga.  It is rejuvenation, security, repair, and connection.  Celeste has taught me how to breathe.  She taught me how to pause and embrace the moment.  She taught me how to be present with myself and others while staying grounded in my body.  Working with her provided me the opportunity to feel seen, heard, and validated when I hadn’t felt that way before.   I’ve learned how to have a voice and use it.  I’ve learned that I am enough.  I’ve learned how to walk through life’s challenges and come out stronger.  She and her work are a gift in my life that I am beyond forever grateful for.  I highly suggest booking a session.  You will be forever grateful too.