About Celeste

I am a certified yoga therapist with the IAYT, and an ERYT500 through Yoga Alliance. I have a passion for working with people in who have trauma history, C-PTSD and Substance Use Disorders (SUD). I’ve trained with some amazing teachers, including Durga Leela founder of Yoga of Recovery through the Sivananda Yoga Centers in Grass Valley and elsewhere, Nikki Myers, founder of Yoga of12-Step Recovery in Indianapolis and Hala Khoury, Trauma Aware Yoga.

My journey into yoga and the integration of its principles into recovery from trauma, C- PTSD and Substance Use Disorder is a personal one. I have 23 years in Al-Anon and am the daughter of, and also ex-wife of people with use disorders and who, I believe, also had trauma in their childhoods. I’ve been practicing Yoga for 20+ years, starting initially because of a physical problem diagnosed at the time as Fibromyalgia. I now understand chronic pain can be an ongoing issue for those of us who grew up with childhood trauma. Yoga has allowed me to move and stretch and gradually return to strength and balance. I found a deep spiritual connection with movement and breath and realized that regular yoga practice was enhancing all areas of my life, much as my 12-Step program did.

When I completed my teacher training I almost immediately sought further training to integrate the 12-Steps and yoga. Through my work with Durga Leela and Nikki Myers, I realized that there was more that needed to be said and more people that could be reached through organized workshops where I teach yoga asana, breath practices and meditation as well as Ayurvedic approaches to health and lifestyle adjustment.

My ongoing education in yoga and meditation includes workshops from the Chopra Center and also specifically with davidji, past Dean of the Chopra Center University, in his course Masters of Wisdom and Meditation.

When I started to really understand the impact childhood trauma had on my life I took Hala Khoury’s online course for Trauma Aware Yoga.

Finally, I trained as a yoga therapist at The Soul of Yoga in Encinitas with some of the most gifted teachers in the world. I highly recommend the training developed by Monique Lonner at The Soul and urge you to contact her if yoga therapy calls to you personally.

I’ve been online since 2001, originally running a local BBS called The Motherboard, ‘before the Internet was the Internet’ as we know it today. My desire to reach more people with this valuable knowledge naturally combined with my comfort in online communications to create this site, Yoga Tarana. Tarana means recovery or rescue, in Sanskrit, and I believe with all my heart that yoga and the 12 Steps rescued me from a life of repeating the same mistakes and hoping for a different result.

My mission is to make to these valuable tools for serenity more accessible and to give people a broad spectrum of information exchange, online workshops, topic forums and live chat sessions. My intention is to help others as I have been helped; to realize the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of applying this dynamic philosophy and practice in our lives.

Hello and thank you for coming to my virtual home! I’m Celeste and I have a passion for helping people who have what I call Chronic Family Trauma (CFT), which the medical world calls Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD). 

This is an ongoing work of love for me because I am also a Survivor of childhood trauma and what I teach and what I embody in my coaching is what has helped me to heal over the past 20 years – even before they had a name for what we experienced other than Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES). 

Those are a lot of long words and abbreviations for what happened to us, but you don’t have to memorize any of them. Just know that the goal of this website is to give you access to information – articles, videos, blogs, coaching and courses that will help you to heal, too. 

I’m a yoga therapist, certified by the IAYT, an ERYT500 through Yoga Alliance and a Family Recovery Coach through the BALM Family Recovery Resources training program. I’ve also learned from some amazing teachers, including Durga Leela founder of Yoga of Recovery through the Sivananda Yoga Centers, Nikki Myers, founder of Yoga of12-Step Recovery in Indianapolis and Hala Khoury, Trauma Aware Yoga.

I am available to you. If you want to connect, just send me a message and you’ll hear back soon!

With Love and Gratitude,