Are You Codependent?

Take this quiz

  1. When you were growing up did you feel responsibility to make a parent happy? If they weren’t happy did you feel it was your fault?
  2. Did you grow up with chemically addicted family members or did you grow up with physical, emotional, sexual abuse?
  3. Do you find it difficult to say no and then feel resentful when overwhelmed?
  4. Is it difficult to trust others?
  5. Do you fear rejection?
  6. Do you find it difficult to identify feelings?
  7. Do you take responsibility for others feelings or actions?
  8. Do you take criticism personally even if constructive?
  9. Do you feel resentment to people who won’t let you help them?
  10. Have you gotten into a relationship and then found that the other person was an addict
  11. Do you feel bad about yourself when you make mistakes?
  12. Do you repeatedly look for answers from self-help books?
  13. Do you trust your feelings and perceptions?
  14. Are you critical of self and others?
  15. Do you anticipate needs of others and wonder why they don’t do that for you?
  16. Do you have difficulty accepting compliments?
  17. Do you feel guilty when you do something for yourself?
  18. Do you try to control how others act?
  19. Do you deny or ignore the problems in your life or pretend they are better than they are?
  20. Are you afraid of your own or others anger?
  21. Are you extremely responsible or irresponsible?
  22. Do you accept behavior from a partner that you said you wouldn’t accept?
  23. Do you give to others constantly and feel uncomfortable when others give to you?
  24. Do you often feel used?
  25. Do you often feel not good enough?
  26. Do you have difficulty having fun?
  27. Do you wait to find out what others say before expressing your own opinion?
  28. Do you stay quiet to avoid arguments?

If you answered Yes to 7 or more of these questions, you are probably codependent.