Dysregulation Quiz

Have You  Been Dysregulated by CPTSD?

Do you often walk into a room in the house and forget why you went there?

Do you sometimes “go away” and not remember what happened for periods of time?

Do you sometimes have difficulty completing sentences, feeling tongue tied and uncomfortable when you think you need to be clear and focused?

Do you sometimes forget how to get to a place you’ve been before or have difficulty remembering why you went somewhere? 

Do you try to do too many things at once and feel frustrated with that you can’t finish them?

Are you sometimes clumsy, dropping things or stumbling?

Do you sometimes find yourself becoming too anxious to function effectively, especially when you’re feeling rushed?

Have you lost friendships or been chastised at work for saying things you shouldn’t?

Do you have trouble controlling your temper? Do you sometimes know that your anger will make things worse, but you can’t seem to hold back from expressing how you feel?

Has your anger ever gotten you in trouble with the law or put you in a dangerous situation?

After an emotionally charged interaction do you sometimes feel numb inside?

Do you lose all expression in your voice and your face when you’re upset?

Do you ever notice that you can’t feel parts of your body?

Do you have trouble saying no, putting yourself in awkward or even risky sexual situations? 

Do romantic or sexual encounters turn you cold?

These things can happen for other reasons, but if you experience these things regularly, it could be that you are prone to dysregulation. This can make it challenging for you express yourself, complete tasks or take care of yourself.