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Forever Grateful

April 12, 2022

I have been blessed to work with Celeste for the past year. Celeste’s knowledge of trauma recovery skills, her compassion, and her commitment to support and help has been life changing. Working with her is so much more than yoga. It is rejuvenation, security, repair, and connection. Celeste has taught me how to breathe. She taught me how to pause and embrace the moment. She taught me how to be present with myself and others while staying grounded in my body. Working with her provided me the opportunity to feel seen, heard, and validated when I hadn’t felt that way before. I’ve learned how to have a voice and use it. I’ve learned that I am enough. I’ve learned how to walk through life’s challenges and come out stronger. She and her work are a gift in my life that I am beyond forever grateful for. I highly suggest booking a session. You will be forever grateful too.


Very well organized workshops!

April 11, 2022

I’ve taken several of Celeste’s workshops, so I knew I would receive valuable information when I signed up for her workshop “Yoga for Trauma and Substance Use Disorder (SUD).” Wow – did I ever! Very well organized with participant interaction. Very intense and powerful, and Celeste keeps it interesting and fluid. A must take for all yoga instructors whether or not you teach students recovering/struggling with trauma or SUD.

Melinda Heydon, Certified yoga teacher - Graduate of Yoga for Trauma & SUD 20ce course

An Amazing Asset

April 11, 2022

Celeste is an amazing asset to our treatment program. She gives our clients the experience of yoga in recovery. The benefit this has on our clients shows after every session, they are able to focus on their breathing and use the techniques they are taught not only during the sessions they attend but throughout their day. This has helped our clients deal with personal issues such as dealing with their anxiety and depression in a holistic way. They appreciate her teachings as much as we do.

Beth Michel, Channel Islands Rehab

Highly Skilled

April 11, 2022

Celeste is a highly skilled, warm and empathic yogi, with training in yoga for trauma, and working with addictions. At Trauma and Beyond we are pleased to have Celeste as a part of our team.

Lynne Friedman-Gelle, Co-Founder, CEO Trauma & Beyond Psychological Center

Passionate and knowledgeable

April 11, 2022

Celeste is a passionate, knowledgeable and deep teacher. Someone to have by your side, especially when times get tough.

David Ibrahim, Glendale Counseling Services

Compassionate and Passionaite

April 11, 2022

Celeste is a compassionate, passionate teacher. She is great at helping the client to develop awareness, which is the number one job of the yoga teacher. Celeste is always conscientious and very knowledgeable and experienced with a deep understanding of the teachings, both yoga philosophy and the 12 steps. She blends these beautifully together for an empowering, transformative practice that allows the student to learn, grow and release. Celeste is dependable and lovable. A real gem!

Rene Quenell owner, Yoga Madre

Highly Recommending

April 11, 2022

I am highly recommending Celeste Mendelsohn in her role as a yoga therapist. She has experience working with people who are recovering from addictions, PTSD, and C-PTSD. She has extensive training and it’s a blessing for those who work with her as she is very intuitive and can recommend just the right tool for whatever is happening. I have been a lucky client in both large and small groups. She is always aware of her client’s well being and safety modifies forms to work for a variety to people and situations. Celeste also does wonderful meditations and breath practices, leaving me calmer and more relaxed than when I came.

Bya B


April 11, 2022

Celeste is a wonderful yoga therapist. She has such a positive vibe and will make sure you are doing a posture correctly, so you don’t injure yourself. She is very friendly and keeps you motivated throughout the entire session. Her yoga class is the best yoga class I have ever taken and I definitely felt an improvement in my core strength and overall physical health. I highly recommend her!

Priscilla F

Supportive, Motivating, and Knowledgeable

April 11, 2022

I consulted Celeste for insomnia and general physical health. Celeste was very detailed going over my health history and needs. She recommend a nightly routine including forms and breath practices that not only relaxed me and induced sleep, but almost instantly my sleep was of longer duration and I woke up refreshed, eager to get out of bed! She also suggested changes in my diet and my water intake – I needed More! As we continued our sessions, Celeste gave me routines for strengthening and flexibility. I especially like the individual sessions. She is very supportive, motivating and above all, knowledgeable.”

Pat W